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A boutique software house of senior IT professionals
What we do

I founded JBA in 2000 as an association of software professionals, bringing together the correct talent as and when it is needed. The company does not carry a large overhead and focuses entirely on customers' needs.

  • Solutions Architecture

    I have been designing systems large and small since 1993.

  • Development for the Cloud

    I delivered my first web application in 2000 and then discovered Salesforce in 2008. Putting business functionality on the internet is what I do.

  • Salesforce Apps

    A well-crafted Salesforce App can transform a company, department or process. I make Salesforce Apps for you.

  • Configuration

    Modern platforms provide vast feature sets which can be enhanced by simple configuration. My approach is to do this first and get the most out of your software costs before adding development.


Please feel free to contact me directly.
John Backhouse
John Backhouse
Solutions Architect and Cloud Enthusiast
If you have a greenfield install or a system which needs an update then John can help. An early adopter of web technology, he has been developing Web & Cloud ERP, CMS and CRM systems since 2000.


What I do

A Certified Developer and Administrator.
I first bought Salesforce to manage Apparel ERP projects and liked it so much I “bought the company” and became a Certified Salesforce Professionals.
Correct Salesforce Configurations yield effective and flexible reporting and this should be used to guide the structure Day 1+ implementations.

Development and Integration

I have a senior development team who can carry out your development and integration for you. Our experience spans a wide variety of technologies from relational databases and PHP through to Salesforce.


I have more than two decades experience computerising the Retail industry.
I started my career purchasing and writing systems for a footwear warehousing company and then moved on to work on large-scale ERP implementations and have since designed a corporate Collaborative Document Management System and, of course, developed a whole heap of Salesforce

Financial Services CRM

I have worked on a number of projects for Asset Managers, creating effective CRM systems using Salesforce.


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